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More Than 2 Million People Live On a Dollar a Day [Venezuela]
A little over 2000 bolivars is the daily income for 2182900 Venezuelans upon which they must subsist each day. The 2006 Human Development Report, prepared by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) calculates that these levels of
Venezuela, Ecuador and Haiti are considered to be the countries where corruption is most widespread, according to Transparency Venezuela and Ecuador appear both in positions number 138 and Haiti in 163 according to AFP.
Rev. Chrisopher Bullock on US-Venezuela policy
With the re-election of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, it is time for the US of Venezuela., according to the opposition-aligned newspaper El Universal. In Chavez's first term as president, Venezuela has virtually eliminated
A Crazy Maracucho and His Jumpy Sidekick Do Not a Hezbollah
According to a statement in El Universal from the acting police The border between Colombia and Venezuela runs through the peninsula, The independent republics of Colombia and Venezuela have had similar success to the Spaniards.
Mipsrint of the week is, appropriately, from the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal . who have been living in Venezuela as refugees for twenty years. rights in Venezuela, even I'd admit that nationalisation has its limits,
It sounds like Chirac might just be whoring himself for France, but. it gets worse; (EL UNIVERSAL - Venezuela):. "I have no doubt that Venezuela in the years to come is to confirm its vocation to contribute to a balanced treatment of
Venezuela: The new design of El Universal in Caracas
http://de.sitestat.com/ifra/ifra/s?NewsboardLink_Venezuela: _The_new_design_of_E&ns_type=clickout&ns_url=http://www.innovationsinnewspapers. com/2006/09/new-design-of-el-universal-in-caracas_26.html
The Authoritarian Mindset
Venezuela leading newspapers, El Nacional and El Universal, published maps in their pages on Monday showing the entire country painted red, the color of Mr. Chávez’s campaign, as a reflection of his convincing victory.
El Catatumbo in Caracas: preparing Rosales rally
Meanwhile a fretful government has decided to ban public gatherings of more than a few people on December 2 and 3. Yeah, right. PS: added a few minutes alter. El Universal comes up with the fireworks explanation. -The end-
Venezuelans in Caracas waited in long lines to vote Source: EFE, via El Universal Venezuelans went to the polls today to decide who their new president would be. The polls are closed, except that the army is said to be re-opening some
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