FREMM - Rinascimento class - multipurpose frigate (0 + 6 + 4 ship)

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Dimensions: 140,4 m x 19,7 m, 5 m

Displacement:  5.980 tons full load

Propulsion: CODLAG with oneLM2500+G4 for 34 MW, 27 knots and 6000 miles at 15 knots, reversible electric motors mounted on axles from 2,5 MW each, propeller for manoeuvre 1 with electric motor with propeller sheer retractable azimuth

Range: 6000 miles at 15 knots, logistics autonomy of 45 days

Generating electricity: 4 diesel generator from 2.1 MW each

Crew: 145, accomodation for 165

Air component: 2 NH-90 NFH or 1 NH-90 NFH and 1 EH101

Common armament: 16 (space for 32) Aster 15 e 30 on vertical launcherSylver A50 (space for A70), 2 naval guns Oto-Melara Oerlikon KBA 25mm/80, 2 launcher systems from 324 mm for torpedoes Eurotorp MU-90 and countermeasures system ASW WASS, 2 launcher AMS Oto-Melara SCLAR-H antimissile

Anti Submarine armament: 4 Teseo Mk2 Block IV, 4 MBDA Milas (Teseo and Milas use the same launcher so it may be loaded differently) and 2 naval gun Oto Melara 76/62 with Davide/Dart

General Purpose armament: 8 Teseo Mk2 Block IV, 1 naval gun Oto Melara 76/62 with Davide/Dart and 1 naval gun Oto Melara 127/64 LW with Vulcano.

Radar/electronic system: Selex Multifunction RadarEMPAR (probably the active version), Combat system SAAM-ESD (Extended Self Defence - originally scheduled for SAAM-IT to manage missiles), short/medium range radar for surface and low altitude air search Selex Sistemi Integrati (ex-AMS) RAN-30X/I (SPS-791), 2 automatic control of shooting Selex NA25, 2 surface radar, detection system and infrared tracking type SASS (Galileo), command and control system (CMS) based on the system already developed for Horizon, a system of internal and external communications integrated with satellite capacity military and civilians, electronic warfare system (EWS).

Sonar: hull mounted medium frequency sonar Thompson / Thales Marconi Sonar UMS 4110 CL weighs about 8 metric tons, is 2 meters high and has 500 hydrophones, with mine detection system and telephone diver. The variable deep sonar (VDS) Thales 4249 active very low-frequency only on ASW version

Notes: the unit will be able to act as a command ship (task group commander). It will be designed and constructed in compliance with regulation by Rinamil.

Program/history: New class frigates developed in collaboration between Italy and France, the differences between the versions of the two nations are obvious from the superstructure. In Italy the FREMM, also known as Rinascimento, is intended to replace the Lupo and the Maestrale for general porpose. The class will be made up of two sub-specialized on Anti Submarine Warfare and General Porpouse respectively. The programme, because of economic adversity, has been divided into tranches of which only the first was officialy financed, which includes the development and construction of the first two units, respectively 1 for sub-class. The programme is as follows:
Fixed tranche (financed and signed)
• Developments, project and common studies
• Developments, project and national studies
• 2 ships with deliveries 2012/2013
• Initial logistical support for the first 2 ships (partial)
Conditional Tranche n° 1 to activate within 2009
• Completing the initial logistical support for the first 2 ships
Conditional Tranche n° 2 to activate within 2010 (financed and signed)
• 4 ships with deliveries from 2014 to 2017
• relative initial logistical support
Conditional Tranche n° 3 to activate within 2013
• 2 ships with deliveries 2018/2019
• relative initial logistical support
Conditional Tranche n° 4 to activate within 2015
• 2 ships with deliveries 2020/2021
• relative initial logistical support
Conditional Tranche n° 5 to activate within 2011
• logistical support for the first 6 units for 6 years
On 9 May 2006 was signed the first Additional act to the Agreement on the stages of development, detail design and construction of the first two national units.
The cutting of the first sheet of the first ship was scheduled for January 2008.
The Italian Navy has reserved the option of adding an additional gas turbine in order to make the ships to reach 32/33 knots to provide better coverage in the larger units such as Cavour.
From mid-2007 entries corridor indicated that some units, perhaps already the first, were equipped with SAAM-D , Halfway between SAAM-IT and PAAMS, and vls sylver A50 compensate for the shortcomings of De La Penne. The order for 4 additional units is expected by the end of 2008 and its funding is included in the 2008 fiscal year adopted in December 2007 with 2 units funds by MSE for 770 million euros and 2 from the Defence Ministry.
In January 2008 the news appeared on "Panorama e difesa", which is negotiating with related industries a contract worth around € 20 million to adapt the project of all units, including 2 already ordered, launchers sylver A50 and the SAAM-ESD (previously known as SAAM-D).
On 30 January 2008 was signed the contract for the second tranche of 4 units, leading to 6 units ordered in the last over in 2016. On the same day Undersecretary Forcieri indicated for the following Friday February 8 cutting of the first sheet of Bergamini. On 31 January 2008 has finally appeared the detailed programme on the official website.
On 4 February 2008 took place in Riva Trigoso the ceremony of the cutting of the Bergamini's first sheet, GP version, in the presence of institutional and military. The delivery of the ship is scheduled for early 2012. The next 4 ships will be the type ASW while the last 5 will be the model GP.
On 27 March 2008 was announced by Thales the sale to Italian Navy of sonar for the second tranche of FREMM frigate (4 unity), which the last 3 Variable Deep Sonar. Thales also has a contract for eight bow-mounted 4110 BMS units for the French Navy, as part of a larger order for 14, with the other six going to Italy, the Thales executive said. The contract for 14 units is worth 300 million euros ($431.3 million).
On June 4, 2008 was announced the contract with Curtiss-Wright for the supply system for helicopters handling TC-ASIST (Twin Claw-Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse) to be installed in the first two Italian Navy's FREMM frigates plus the options for the remaining 8 ships.

Cost: The overall costs of the programme with the cost of development and construction of 10 units is 5680 million euros, completed in 2018 and beyond.
The tranche providing for the implementation of the first two frigates worth 1250 million. The tranche referring to the preparation and support, 51 million. The tranche on the implementation of the other unit 4, 1628 million euros, while support for all six units we are talking about 130 million.
Part of annual investments are as follows:
2002 => 5,2 million euros (knows as Fregate di scorta nuova generazione)
2003 => 15 million euros (knows as Fregate di scorta nuova generazione)
2004 => 8 million euros (knows as Fregate di nuova generazione)
2005 => - million euros
2006 => - million euros
2007 => - million euros
2007 => 40 million euros
Since 2006 funding are extra-defence and are guaranteed by law 266/2005 until 2018 for the first 2 ship and reads as follows:
"95. Sono autorizzati contributi quindicennali, ai sensi dell’articolo 4, comma 177, della legge 24 dicembre 2003, n. 350, e successive modificazioni, di 30 milioni di euro a decorrere dal 2006, di 30 milioni di euro a decorrere dal 2007 e di ulteriori 75 milioni di euro a decorrere dal 2008 per consentire la prosecuzione del programma di sviluppo e di acquisizione delle unità navali della classe FREMM (fregata europea multimissione) e delle relative dotazioni operative, nonchè per l’avvio di programmi dichiarati di massima urgenza. I predetti stanziamenti sono iscritti nell’ambito delle unità previsionali di base dello stato di previsione del Ministero delle attività produttive."

Miscellaneous: Despite the program is being common to France, the differences between the vessels are many including the superstructure. Instead, the horizon destroyer are almost identical except for some electronic systems.
The expected minimum life of the ship is 30 years

Builder: Fincantieri

Number Type Name Year comm Homeport
F590? GP Bergamini 2012? Building
F591? ASW Margottini 2013? Ordered
F592? ASW to be named 2014? Ordered
F593? ASW to be named 2015? Ordered
F594? ASW to be named 2016? Ordered
F595? GP to be named 2017? Ordered
F596? GP to be named 2018? Planned
F597? GP to be named 2019? Planned
F598? GP to be named 2020? Planned
F599? GP to be named 2021? Planned

Photo by Amakusa Shiro of the Bergamini's bow in Riva Trigoso of 11/27/2009
FREMM amakusa 1 FREMM amakusa 2
FREMM's Rendering, GP and ASW, by Orizzonte sn via MM release on 2009
Fremm rendering 2009 orizzonte sn 04
Fremm rendering 2009 orizzonte sn 01 Fremm rendering 2009 orizzonte sn 03
6 Ordered FREMM's Rendering, GP and ASW, by Orizzonte sn via MM release on 2009 Model of FREMM, GP and ASW, from Euronaval 2008
Fremm rendering 2009 orizzonte sn 02 fregate FREMM GP modellino euronaval 2008
fregate FREMM GP modellino 1 euronaval 2008 fregate FREMM ASW modellino  euronaval 2008
Layout of FREMM, GP version
fregate FREMM GP MCmod2.gif
Layout of FREMM, ASW version
fregate FREMM ASW MC Mod2
Old rendering by Orizzontesn, ASW version  
tn osn FREMM 02 tn osn FREMM 03
Old rendering by Orizzontesn, GP version Info board by Finmeccanica, ASW version
tn osn FREMM 01 tn fremm info board finmeccanica
Old rendering and artist by Marina Militare Italiana, GP and ASW version


Artist draw by calendar (2007/08) of General Secretary of defence
tn sgd dna FREMM 2007 tn sgd dna FREMM 2008

Advertising by Fincantieri with a split FREMM version GP
fremm/fregate FREMM GP pubblicità fincantieri
Model of GP FREMM on 2007
fremm/fregate FREMM GP modellino
Old model of FREMM, GP version, on 2006
vecchio modellino fremm gp 01 vecchio modellino fremm gp 02 vecchio modellino fremm gp 03

Reference: Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, Panorama e Difesa, Dedalonews, Marina Militare Italianae Ministero della Difesa (MoD)

Photo: Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, Fincantieri, MConrads, Mike Colombaro and amatorial

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