Horizon - Andrea Doria class - AntiAir Warfare Destroyer( 2 ship)

Italian version flag it

Dimensions: overall length of 152.87 meters and between perpendiculars 141.7 m
maximum width 20.3 m and to the line of floating 17.9 m
building height of 11.8 m and the tree from the construction 43.2 m
projection of propellers under the line of construction 1.60 m and bulb 2.4 m
dive at the bulb 7.5 m and dive isocarenica corresponding 5.10 m

Displacement: 5,290.4 empty; 7,050 tons full load

Propulsion: CODOG (COmbined Diesel Or Gas), 2 reducers Locked train DCN, 2 gas turbines AVIO-GE LM 2500 from 20,5 MW each and 2 diesel motors 12 cilinders S.E.M.T. Pielstick 12 PA6 STC from 4,32 MW each, 2 propeller Fincantieri with 5 blades at variable step with a diameter of 4.8 m, 2 rudders.
There are 2 engine rooms, that foward and aft, arranged in two watertight and soundproof compartments with 2 funnels and each has a turbine and diesel, which handle such that the propellers are so connected to each salt both engines.
The platform is fully managed by an integrated automation system (PMS Platform Management System by DCN) for the conduct of the engine (MCAS), electrical equipment (EPCAMS), auxiliary (ASCS) and security service (DSAC) with of conduct by Dash, the SCC / COP or two posts located in ZCP (Zone Control Post)

Speed: 29 knots, 18 with diesel only

Range: 7000 nautical miles at 18 knots, 3500 miles at 24 knots

Electrical system: 4 generators diesel Isotta Fraschini VL 1716 T2 ME from 1.6 MW

Crew: 189 including 24 officers, 53 Sottufficiali 33 Sergenti and 79 military troops
+ 41 including 13 for the helicopter, maximum 20 for Command Complex and 8 for the San Marco Regiment Team
It is necessary to half staff than previous destroyer classes.

Air component:
1 EH-101 or NH-90 for ASW or ASuW, plattform of 530 m2 (26,5 x 20), 1 hangar da 180 m2 (12 x 15)

Schema amatoriale classe Andrea Doria

Armament/combat system: vertical launcherSylver A50 for 48 missile Aster 15 e 30 as preparation for further 16, 3 naval guns OTO Melara 76mm/62 super rapid , 2 naval guns Oto-Melara Oerlikon KBA 25mm/80 , preparation for missile system surface to surface type TESEO Mk2 (4x2 missile) , electronic warfare system EWS including 2 launcher AMS Oto-Melara SCLAR-H DLS antimissile and system euroslat SLAT anti-torpedoes, system for 2 singles tubes Eurotorp B515/3 for MU-90 torpedo ;
The anti-missile system is based on Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS) and the combat system and control DCN / Alenia CMS; The combat system includes 22 software modules, 20 workstation, 10 computers and 1 million lines of code. All this should make it possible to manage the arms, datalinks and tactical analysis of information submitted by a dozen of sensors, as well as the integration of data from other ships or aircraft, whether Italian or allies. We need only 20 to 25 people to manage the system. There is a secondary central, with 3 console, able to take over in case of damage or destruction of the main system.
has links data Link 16, Link 11 and SATCOM

Radar/sensor/sonar: Selex S.I. 2-D multifunctional EMPAR , 3-D long-range radar LRR Thales S-1850 M , IR detection system (IRAS) Sagem Vampir MB , 2 systems pointing multi-sensor (radar and elettro-optical) MSTIS NA 25X (RTN-30X) , IFF system, radar for helicopters landing, radar discovery surface RASS

Sonar: medium frequency sonar Thompson / Thales Marconi Sonar UMS 4110 CL

System: 1 System for Comand and Control EUROSYSNAV; 1 Integrated navigation system ; system IFF, 1 Selex-SI SIR-R/S, system meteo-oceanografic, system for electronics war Sigen ESM/ECM

Comunication: Communication system integrated Nicco Full (FICS), which includes systems SHF / UHF SICRAL, Multi HF, VHF, military UHF, VHF ICAO, VHF IMM, Inmarsat, METOC, and GMDSS system multitattico datalink

Program / history: The 10/27/2000 was initialed the contract for the development and construction of four anti-air frigates Italian-French horizon. For Italy the goal is to replace AAW destroyer Audace and Ardito dating to the early'70s. The contract was notified to the Horizon SAS, a joint company to act as a prime contractor and that group Finmeccanica and Fincantieri, Italy and the THALES and DCN for France. Originally he had planned further 4 units, still 2 per country, but now the program seems set aside for financial reasons.
Andrea Doria:
On 19 July 2002 took place at the shipyard in Riva Trigoso (GE) of cutting ceremony of the first sheet dell'Andrea Doria. On 14 October 2005 and took place on launch of Doria, the shift in water occurred in January 2006 with the transfer to Muggiano for final development. In October 2006 are beginning tests at sea and administrative delivery is scheduled for December 2007 to be followed by 6 months to complete the integration of the combat system always at muggiano. From 14th to 17th November 2007 the destroyer was in the port of Genoa.
Andrea Doria was commissioned on December 22, 2007 and received the flag of the Navy.
Full operation capability (FOC) is expected for the summer of 2008.
Caio Duilio:
In September 2003 it was first steel cutting of the first ship in Riva Trigoso. The introduction and translation of Duilio was on October 23, 2007 with the resulting displacement of the ship to Muggiano to complete the building. The ship left the shipyard Genoese to a state of completeness much higher compared to the twins. The administrative delivery is scheduled for the beginning of 2009.
On 12 February 2008 Duilio conducted the first test at sea in independently motion.
Caio Duilio was commissioned on April 3, 2009 and received the flag of the Navy.

Cost: the cost of the program without combat system has been budgeted at around 1.4 billion euros for the first 4 units (2 MMI + 2 MNF). The program, from Italy was financed as follows:
2001 => 151 million euros
2002 => 154,9 million euros
2003 => 155 million euros
2004 => 155,3 million euros
2005 => 194 million euros
2006 => 12,1 million euros + 199 million euros by MSE
2007 => 249,6 million euros
2008 => 199,8 million euros
2009 => 114,8 million euros
The total cost of the Italian program is 1,500 million euros, with completion in 2009.

Trivia: The commonality between the Italian and French versions is 90%. Unit manageable with about half of sailors necessary to classes in the current anti-hunting. The first French units, the Forbin, while development has presented problems installing the combat system also presented serious rust problems that the Andrea Doria does not seem present.
Particular care was given to the activities of loading, packaging and distribution of food and waste management, liquid and solid with the ristrittive rules MARPOL 73/78 (Marine Pollution) for commercial ships, not mandatory for military ships.

Builder: Fincantieri at Riva Trigoso (GE) e Muggiano (SP)

Number Name Comm. year Homeport
D553 Andrea Doria 2007 Muggiano - Tests combat system
D554 Caio Duilio 2009 Muggiano - Tests combat system

Photos by Classe Soldato of 11-15-2007. Andrea Doria in the old port of Genoa
Andrea doria di classes 1511 01.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 02.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 03.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 04.jpg
Andrea doria di classes 1511 06.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 07.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 08.jpg Andrea doria di classes 1511 09.jpg
Photos by Sfefano del 11-15-2007. Andrea Doria in the old port of Genoa
Andrea doria di sfefano 1511 01.jpg Andrea doria di sfefano 1511 02.jpg Andrea doria di sfefano 1511 03.jpg Andrea doria di sfefano 1511 04.jpg
Photo by Lvb of Doria from Livorno, 02-18-2008
lvb doria di lvb 1802 01f lvb doria di lvb 1802 02f lvb doria di lvb 1802 03f lvb doria di lvb 1802 04f
lvb doria di lvb 1802 05f lvb doria di lvb 1802 06f lvb doria di lvb 1802 07f lvb doria di lvb 1802 08f
Photo by Moreno of Doria from Livorno, 02-18-2008 by Nimitz, Ago 08
doria di moreno 1802 01.jpg doria di moreno 1802 02.jpg   Doria nimitz binocolo agosto 2008 01
Photo in HD by Italian Navy, 2008
doria rapporto 07 a doria rapporto 07 b
Photo by MMI of Doria made in Messina and in navigation with Moskva cruiser
doria mmi messina 01 doria mmi messina 02 doria mmi messina 03 doria mmi messina 04
doria mmi messina 05 doria mmi messina 06 doria mmi messina 07 doria mmi messina 08
Photo by Odisseo of Doria made in Messina on 01-28-2009
andrea doria odisseo 01 andrea doria odisseo 02 andrea doria odisseo 03 andrea doria odisseo 04
andrea doria odisseo 05 andrea doria odisseo 06 andrea doria odisseo 07 andrea doria odisseo 08
andrea doria odisseo 09 andrea doria odisseo 10 andrea doria odisseo 11 andrea doria odisseo 12
andrea doria odisseo 13 andrea doria odisseo 14 andrea doria odisseo 15 andrea doria odisseo 16
andrea doria odisseo 17 andrea doria odisseo 18 andrea doria odisseo 19 andrea doria odisseo 20
andrea doria odisseo 21 andrea doria odisseo 22 andrea doria odisseo 23
Info by Fincantieri photographed by Luca Ghersi Model of Andrea Doria
Caio Duilio di Luca 17 Caio Duilio di Luca 18 Caio Duilio di Luca 19 modello caccia Andrea Doria
Layout of Horizon - Andrea Doria class by MConrands
Schema amatoriale classe Andrea Doria

References: Marina Militare Italiana Fincantieri and Ministero della Difesa

photo: by Marina Militare Italiana, amatorial by Luca Ghersi, Classe Soldato, Stefano, Andrea, Lvb, Moreno and MConrands

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