TELEPATHE spécial Miss France
Author: Vinvin Tags: Miss France Picardie Limousin Tahiti country:FR user-category:fun Posted: 17 December 2006
INFIDEL & KAFIR WATCH Said I would prefer to
I would prefer to support Miss France Muslim, because of the following reasons: 1) She fights for what she believes in I am fighting for what I believe in but am not reducing myself to dirty tricks, insidious invasions or suicide
Miss france-Zidane
La miss fracia imitando el cabezaso de Zidane jajaja. Author: holahihello Tags: Miss france-Zidane city:lima country:PE user-category:fun Posted: 09 February 2007
Miss France, Mr. France?
lost his 1960 face-off with John Kennedy for want of a bit of powder which could have concealed his stubbly chin. Technorati tags: Ségolène Royal, Segolene Royal, politics, politique, présidentielle, actualité, polls, France, taxes
FRENCH BEAUTY CONTEST. VOTE NOW BETWEEN Miss France Muslim. and. Miss France Infidel
Miss France contestant gets stuck with a lousy interpreter
Sophie Vouzelaud (who is deaf) was in the competition for Miss France. She did a great job in my opinion but she obviously got stuck with a really lousy sign language interpreter who had a hard time understanding her.
Alexandra Rosenfeld Miss France
Alexandra Rosenfeld 1 an Avec Miss France. Author: conscience-tranquille Tags: Alexandra Rosenfeld 1 an Avec Miss France country:FR user-category:shortfilms Posted: 28 December 2006
The Duma
The European Monarchies refused to think and a clash of systems of government was inevitable as Britain, France, Germany and Austria-Hungary sought to strangle democracy at birth in the War of Intervention.
Weimar: Culinary City Snapshot
If you are in Weimar you simply cannot miss out on trying the famous Thueringer Bratwurst - a pork sausage with a few herbs, grilled on a charcoal grill and served in a bread roll with spicy mustard. The best place to enjoy this is at
Vote rigging in Miss Europe elections?
Earlier you could read on Frogsmoke how Endemol cooked the Miss France 2007 elections by doing everything they could to keep a deaf girl out of the race, despite the fact that she was the people’s choice.
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