OxyEye - Oxyeye



SCR/CCR uP Oxygen Controller


The OxyEye is a microprocessor oxygen controller designed for use with semiclosed and full closed rebreathers. Inside the alluminium case, a Microchip controller with a simple analog amplifier get electrical signals from one, up to three, standard fuel cells and immediately showes on the backlighted LCD the PPO2 values for each cell and their average. It integrates acustical alarms for hipoxic, iperoxic and setpoint level. Each one of those is selectable in a large range of values before diving. A low battery alarm is also provided and pressing the right side button the battery voltage is shown.

The power on and power off operations can be done with two side mounted magnetical multifunctional buttons. The OxyOne autocalibrates itself using pure oxygen or air and check the cells for failures or end of life. The controller can drive a two colur led diode mounted on the mouthpiece that showes the PPO2 range and the low setpoint. The OxyEye works with one, two or three sensors without any setup, simply it aknowledge how many cells are connected to the system. The calibration values are stored in NVRAM memory.


More info can be required to Carlo Marcheggiani mailto:carlo.speleo@libero.it

OxyEye can also drive solenoid valves of CCR other than realize a real time PPO2 control.