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New hope for cat-allergic owners Herald Democrat
A percentage of pet owners suffer allergic reactions to their pets, with watery swollen eyes, sneeze attacks and sometimes, dangerous asthma symptoms. The amount and type of fur can impact the sneeze quotient.
Adding psyllium fiber to cat's diet helps combat megacolon Miami Herald
Dr. Michael Fox / Pet Doctor Q: I'm writing to tell you about a positive treatment for megacolon in cats. Chester is a longhaired, cream-colored, blue-eyed tailless cat who was 6 years old when he experienced his first bout with an impacted colon. He was diagnosed as having megacolon. He's had bouts with this regularly over the past several years.
Pet Misbehaving? Call a Veterinarian for Help PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance
Bad behavior is the most common reason pets are surrendered by owners to other homes or shelters or, sadly, sometimes abused or euthanized, according to the California Veterinary Medical Association .
Pet Briefs San Antonio Express News
Monday is National Feral Cat Day, a nationwide observance aimed at focusing attention on humane, nonlethal feline population control — and the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition is planning a weekend of activities.
Exclusive: Mercer, Bejar, Krug Join Forces as Swan Lake Pitchfork
Mercer, Bejar, and Krug. Slimy investment firm? Used car sales-team? Or-- god help us-- nu-jazz combo?? Nope. We're talking Carey "Frog Eyes" Mercer, Dan "Destroyer" Bejar, and Spencer "Wolf Sunset Parade Rubdown" Krug, Canadian indie luminaries, and now, supergroup partners.
Family's hopes soar as injured bird takes flight Salisbury Post
Ann Powlas retrieved the yellow box from her car and pulled on her work gloves. Joan Benfield and her family gathered close. They had talked about the possibility of this day for three months, and now Powlas was making it possible.
UM"Be" Mine The Mass Media
A concept arises in the lives of ually active college students; the one night stand. The one night stand has no specific definition and you won't find it in the Webster Dictionary, but what it generally insinuates is a random hook up (and in many cases with the presence of alcohol).
Dare County proposes changes to Animal Control Ordinance Outer Banks Sentinel
For the past two and a half years, the Animal Control Committee, appointed by the Dare County Board of Commissioners, has been reviewing the county's current Animal Control Ordinance.
Calming Cap reduces anxiety, aggression in pets Arizona Daily Star
If you have a dog that is overly nervous — what veterinary team members sometimes jokingly call an "espresso dog" — a new nonpharmaceutical way to give the dog the equivalent of a chill pill may be just what the dog doctor ordered.
Drive System protects against power failures. ThomasNet
Available with feed-through heat sink having IP65 protection or with cold plate to connect with cooling circulation system, ACOPOSmulti drive system eliminates need for fans and climate control units in switching cabinet. Power modules with power regeneration and integrated 24 V auxiliary supply modules protect against power failures. Devices can be connected directly to common dc bus on drive

Kitten Pictures, Cat Pictures, Cat News, Cat Behavior, Cat Gifts
Catclub.net-Fun: e-cards, screensavers, cat stories, cat pictures, kitten pictures. Information: cat behavior, cat history, cat facts.
Cat Behavior Tip Sheets
Solving your cat's behavior problems may take a renewed commitment on your part, but it can be done. And it's worth it. After all, research shows that most
Cats International: Cat Behavior and General Feline Information
The goal of Cats International is to provide information on feline behavior including training techniques and behavior modification.
Open Directory - Recreation: Pets: Cats: Behavior
The Cat Site: Cat Behavior Articles - Feline problems and solutions. Cats International: Cat Behavior and General Feline Information - Articles including
Cat Behavior: Cat Training & Understanding Behaviors | Purina.com
If you are baffled at times by your cat's behavior, you're not alone. With your patience, praise and helpful training techniques, it is possible to keep

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