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hd-dvd htpc evaluation suggestions
hey guys, just thought i would ping the htpc forum here to see what ideas you might have for testing an htpc with hd-dvd on it. i am writing a review, that focuses mostly on the gpu and offloading of hddvd / bluray decoding from the
adding index to dateline column
i posted this in the vb section, but no one answered so hopefully someone has an idea in here is it possible to add an index to the 'dateline' column of the posts table? i want to be able to quickly find the latest posts in the forum
candlelight vigile
so we went to the candlelight vigile last night for those guys that got killed in a car accident by a crazy drunk driver. i was almost surprised that there were so many people. it's so sad that someth
residential car life options
curious if anyone has used or seen more than one brand of the residential 4-post car lifts i have seen 1. the stinger lifts are the ones on the ncm site that they sell: http://www.stingerlifts.com/ 2. backyard buddy seems to have
new car arrivs and new garage finished!
**man i wish i could edit the title. :) "arrives"!! well, my new 07 vy coupe came in yesterday afternoon, but was too excited to post pictures of it yesterday, so here they are this morning! everything went well -- except for the
hi res corvette logos?
anyone know where i can find some high resolution corvette logos? i am planning on having a vinyl logo made to put on my ucoat it floor but need a hi-res, hi-quality image to give to the sign store. thanks
Ucoat it Garage Floor Install with Custom Corvette Logo
Well guys, I posted about getting my new 07 VY coupe a couple weeks ago and posted a couple of pics of the garage floor; people seemed impressed so I thought I would share my thoughts on the process and the results here in a little
first time vet owner: time to grow up!
just wanted to stop in and say hi, just found this forum after ordering my first corvette: 07 coupe 3lt, velocity yellow, manual, chrome wheels, z51, navigation, etc. paid $3k under sticker. obviously i can't wait! just ordered it on
find out what httpd threads are doing?
is there a way to find out what httpd threads are working on? kind of like the mysql processlist thing? as my server loads increase, more and more httpd threads end up at the top of the "top" list with 100% cpu utilization on
yet another server opty request
thanks for trying. :) any suggestions from the staff would be awesome

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