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Kaya Optics Makes Your Camera See Through Clothes
Since then, voyeurs have developed an extensive after-market and DIY system for these types of filters that can “see” through clothes. Kaya’s new filter allows you plug and play functionality into your existing recorders that use CCD
Peeping Tom filter lets phones see through bikinis
The handset most often used with the £100 filter - the V602-SH - is only available See under clothes via camera lens - The KAYA 37mm PF4, a camera lens that will turn camera phones into X-ray specs which can see through clothes.
HowTo: Turn Photoshop into X-ray Vision Machine, well partially
Obviously this HowTo is limited on the resolution and type of camera you have used. Obviously if you have an IR filter on your camera already, over original to reveal underlying IR undertones (our X-Ray see-thru clothes).
Are you for real?
I go back to the laundry room and check the lint filter, it's clean. in the next pair of socks and it will record all that these socks go through. All of a sudden the camera is moving fast and all the other clothes are immobile.
A Good Photograph: Manipulation or Skill?
To be able to see a great shot before taking it is what results in a successful photograph. It may also be the result of using a polarizing filter. took them with a state-of-the-art camera and a few lenses in the $1000+ range.
Pinhole Camera: Disguised as a Screwhead
Only the store manager and I were privy to the screw-head camera. You see, the LP staff knows where every camera is every alarm every have an IR filter which means that they can partially see through black clothing.
"All Flesh" - Chapter One
There was a video camera on a tripod set up to record what was happening in the She wasn't wearing the clothes she had been wearing when she had been Miss Torelli stubbed her cigarette, burned all the way down to the filter,
Day 50: Tan Leather and Creating Cloths Part 1
The leather texture is created using the cloud and other filter effects in Photoshop. As you can see, there are several different clothing template files. You can then use the "Alt" key and regular camera control movements to
Don- a review or an attempt maybe
And I don't think fans of the earlier Don can see Shah Rukh and do just that and all they can do is show circling-camera shots of a man walking on it? But maybe it's time for Akhtar to get a little less fixated about clothes and
I tried a couple of filter techniques in Photoshop to change the normal appearance of two portraits. different smiles, and different colors for the clothing. but I failed to see through the camera lens that the person who was

PF Lens - See Through Clothing Camera Warning
PF Lens - See Through Clothing Camera Warning. Summary: Email forward warns that unscrupulous Peeping Tom filter lets phones see through bikinis
IR Filters
Many manufactures use an infrared filter to see through objects that are not was operated in daylight, the camera could sometimes view through clothing.
The £100 add-on will turn camera phones into X-ray specs which can see through clothes. It is said to be particularly effective on dark bikinis.
X-ray Vision Becomes a Reality! Camera Lens Lets You See Through
See through clothes, ink, fabric and more with this genuine x-ray vision lens. This is genuine xray vision, as easy as screwing a filter on your camera
picturephoning.com: Peeping Tom filter lets phones see through bikinis
Peeping Tom filter lets phones see through bikinis. seethru.gif Fun. Another camera lense for cell phones that allows you to see through clothes!,
digg - New Security Camera Can See Through Clothes
Turn Profanity Filter On. sort by most diggs, sort by date (show all), sort by date (-10 diggs ALL night vision cameras can see through thin clothing.
Snow World - Post details: See-Through Xray Cameras Sees Through
a mobile camera attachment that allows peeoping toms to see through clothes. Of course, Vodafone is not to blame here as the infrared “night filter” was
Ir filters xray filters IPF filters superman see through vision
The IPF is able to see through thin and tight clothes, swimwear, sundresses. the IPF installed to a Sony Night Shot camera (used as a security camera).
cooltech.iafrica.com | tech news Video camera sees through clothes
Video camera sees through clothes Posted Wed, 08 Aug 2001 with a special filter attached, the cameras are able to see through clothing and reveal people
Finally A Filter For Your Camera That Can See Through Clothes
Finally A Filter For Your Camera That Can See Through Clothes (kaya-optics.com). 115 points posted 7 months ago by _kam0_ camera+clothes+filter+see+through: camera+clothes+filter+see+through
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