Tlc/ Stefano Maruzzi (Msn): "La nuova Telecom Italia rivoluzionerà il ... - Affari Italiani - Parola di Stefano Maruzzi, responsabile internazionale dei contenuti dei portali Msn E dall'altra parte commentare in diretta il match, secondo una modalità simile alla chat o al messenger .
Windows Live Messenger Goes 'Mobile' on StarHub's i-Mode (HardwareZone) - MSN today announced Windows Live Messenger is now available exclusively on i-mode mobile phones in Singapore.. Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy (Electronic Frontier Foundations) - Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and most other search engines collect and store records of your search queries. If these records are revealed to others, they can be embarrassing or even cause great harm.. YAHOO FOR YAHOO! (Manila Bulletin) - BACK when the internet experience was still something new to me and Google was yet to be a household name, was the homepage of choice.. Beyond the integrated newsroom (dotjournalism) - The Telegraph is about to make its pioneering move and become the UK's first integrated multi-media newsroom. Looking much like the deck of the Enterprise it unveiled its new newsroom last week.. WebMessenger Joins Forum Nokia PRO (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance) - LOS ANGELES----Sept. 12, 2006--WebMessenger, provider of mobile instant-messaging and real-time collaboration products for enterprises and consumers, today announced that it has become a member of Forum Nokia PRO, a program for advanced developer companies creating the next generation of software designed for the Series 40, and Symbian OS-based S60 and Series 80 Platforms from Nokia.. Now on Air: AGAINST OUR WILL - USA dissolves (Israel National News) - Do a Google Search on Free Trade 2010 and see what you come up with.. Miranda IM 0.5.1 Final - Beliebter Multi-Messenger (WinFuture) - Die Entwickler des beliebten Multi-Messengers Miranda haben bekannt gegeben, dass ab sofort die Version 0.5.1 ihrer Software erhältlich ist.. Let’s mix it cheaply, baby (Mail and Guardian) - An application available for free download to your cellphone called MXit is making communication via cellphones fast, accessible and dirt cheap. Instant messaging service MXit cuts the cost of an SMS, priced at up to 80c to send a one-word message such as “hello”, by 100 000 times to just 0,0008c.. Yahoo Messenger (Personal Computer World) - Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular instant-messaging programs and it's easy to see why: a simple-to-use program supported by a massive online community, and it's all free.. 'Name and shame' plan for websites (Guardian Unlimited) - Websites that fail to protect children from sexual predators could face action from a new online child protection agency..

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