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Japan News situation in Sino- Japan ese relations. Comment? MSN-Mainichi Daily News Man found Front Page » World News » Asia » Japan
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Microsoft's MSN marks Greater China separate region | Technology | Reu Microsoft's MSN marks Greater China separate region
Gen Kanai weblog: MSN Japan blogs = crufty HTML « business blogs | HOME | distributed bug-fixing » August 09, 2004 MSN Japan blogs = crufty HTML I don't know who designed the basic templates of the MSN Japan weblogs but my god they are a poor
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Japan PM Denies Slavery in WWII
TOKYO - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday there was no evidence Japan coerced Asian women into working as slaves during World War II, backtracking from a landmark 1993 statement in which the government acknowledged that it set
Japanese Iwo Jima eyewitness tells it in his own words
The following morning, as Akikusa relates in his book, "It was not the Stars & Stripes, but the Nissho-ki (Japanese Sun flag) that was waving. Even though the peak was the target of
“Bringing Racists Back” by Jesse Timberlake
I’m (no history) buff, but I do believe it was the Japanese who SLAUGHTERED the Chinese. Besides, it’s no secret that Japanese are admired, hated by all other Asians because of their economic and cultural superiority, so why he tries to
Human Slingshot in Japan
A daredevil gets launched from a giant slingshot in this crazy clip from Japan
Advertising.com to focus on behavioral ad targeting in Japan in Q1
and technology company Digital Advertising Consortium Inc. (DAC), through which the firm provides Revenue Science's services to advertisers and publishers in Japan. DAC has relationships with MSN Japan, Yahoo Japan and Infoseek
Greater China apart from Asia Pacific for Microsoft's MSN
Just as the Japan market is separated from Asia Pacific for many global consumer electronics companies, Greater China will soon follow. MSN China is also going to step it up with adding an online jobsite, competing with NewChinaCareer,
Japan and the US: The land bubble
Author: anon: (anon@none.none) Date: Feb 7, 2007 6:55 PM URL:. If you want to understand what this land bubble is all about, you can't beat Fred Foldvary's Geo-Austrian theory of the business cycle. See also his editorials [1] [2] [3]
Japan Cherry Boys Club
have given up on the idea of being unwillingly celibate for life and will do their bit to curb the dramatically declining national birthrate, the head of the Japan Cherry Boys Association tells Shukan Josei (2/13). From MSN Japan.
Yahoo! Adds Support for NOYDIR Meta Tag
The changes should be happening now in the US, Japan, and Korea, and will be rolled out in other areas in the future. Since I congratulated Google and MSN when they first adopted NOODP I'll congratulate Yahoo! for the new NOYDIR tag.
Length DOES matter. Haha!!
I was on MSN for a brief moment. Enjoying the moment talking to my boy, when the internet started acting up, getting really slow and lagging, and finally, disconnected. Maybe the owner of that wireless internet realised that there was msn+japan: , , , , msn+japan

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