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Wireless mouse vs Wireless bluetooth mouse
Which is the most compatible with a Dimension laptop? Our laptop has bluetooth capability, we now need a wireless mouse, my husband asked for a bluetooth mouse?What's the difference? What works? Thanks, Sandy
Bluetooth vs Wireless USB
This one really came up out of nowhere: Wireless USB, a standard for ultra-wideband USB tends to serve the same tasks that Bluetooth does (such as data I can’t help see this as another Firewire vs USB war: one is better than the
Inspiron 510m vs truemobile 350 internal bluetooth card
i've just bought a dell truemobile 350 internal bluetooth card, popped it in the correct place in my 510m laptop, blue light has appeared next to my other lights, but when i come to install said drivers nothing happens it says no
Wibree vs. Bluetooth
Reuters' Tarmo Virki reports that Nokia today unveiled a new short-range wireless technology called Wibree, intended to both complement and compete with Bluetooth. "It's up to 10 times more energy efficient than Bluetooth," said Bob
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Comment on My thoughts about Zune vs. iPod by Paraglide Tandem
I like to fly a paraglider using the wireless blue tooth headset and using my q phone , but for most day to day music and podcast listening I use the IPOD. I would more likely buy a Ipod like device with bluetooth built in and wireless
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Nokia's Wibree vs Bluetooth as PAN of Choice
Nokia has launched a consortium to promote yet another wireless mission standard they call Wibree. a proprietary standard so they can hog the market for lower power wireless devices. But, wait a second. Doesn't Bluetooth
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