(Rescue Allocation Table)

developed by

Santostefano Giovanni

contact: idmgiovanni@libero.it

web: http://santostefanogiovanni.blogspot.com


RAT is a rescue allocation table software for GNU/Linux that allow the user to make a backup copy of the first n kbytes of a partition. With this backup the user can restore the in future the file allocation table to recover some deleted files.

When you recover a file allocation table you loose the current state of the partition, YOU LOOSE ALL THE FILES THAT YOU HAVE SAVED AFTER THE BACKUP!!!!!

My advice is to make an iso of the partition with the dd command and then restore the file allocation table on the iso.

Next you can mount the iso and take deleted files from it!!


Santostefano Giovanni is not responsible for any damage caused by any component and functionality of this software(R.A.T.). This software is in the beta state, so you can encounter some problems. Santostefano Giovanni is not responsible for any trouble and damage made by this software to the computer, to the datas, to any software, to any hardware, to anything and to anyone!


Santostefano Giovanni non è responsabile di qualsiasi eventuale danno a software, hardware, dati, cose e persone causato da questo software (R.A.T.).


Thanks to Adriano De Martiis that have drawn the R.A.T. Logo


DOWNLOAD Rescue Allocation Table (R.A.T.) ver: 0.1