Brute Force Tester

by Santostefano Giovanni


This program is a BruteForce Tester for pop3 accounts password strength.

The program take an account list, a dictionary, a pop3 server and an smtp server and makes tests to the strength of the passwords of the accounts.

If the user use a password in the dictionary... something like 1234 the program try to send to him an email to advert the user to change the password with a more complex one!

IF YOU ARE A SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR and you want to test wich users in your

domain use a weak password to log into the email, you can write a dictionary

with passwords like 123, qwerty, 11May1981 and so on....


[the dictionary must end with:




three lines with an A]

Launch the program with the list of users, the dictionary, the pop3 server where you want

to make the test and a smtp server that you want to use to automatically warn the user

that must change the password.

The mailing system is not so stable in this version so it's better to manually sign

the users that have a weak password and send a mail to them to be sure.

A tipical automatic mail from the program is:

From: BruteForceTester

To: #username#

Subject: Change This Mail Password!

Hello #username# This mail account is protect by a weak password ( #password# ) that is discovered by this bruteforce program.

Change soon your password because your system is not secure by attacks!!!! Remember that a strong password is composed by more that 11 chars and contains chars uppercase, lowercase, numbers and maybe symbols

Questo account email ( #username# ) è protetto da una password debole ( #password# ) che è stata scoperta da questo programma bruteforce.

è severamente consigliato di cambiare la password con una più robusta.Ricordate che una password sicura è composta da più di 11 caratteri e contiene caratteri maiuscoli e minuscoli, numeri e simboli.

La ringraziamo per l'attenzione e ricordate:

"Lavora Bene Chi Lavora Sicuro. Da Questo Dipende Il Nostro Futuro!" (Half Life -Valve-Sierra)


Santostefano Giovanni is not responsible for any incorrect use of this program. This is only a test program,

not made to disturb peoples.

If you are not a system administrator on your domain you can't use this program if you are not autorized by

the owner of the domain and the users tested by BruteForce Tester.

Santostefano Giovanni is not responsible for nothing associated to this program.

Santostefano Giovanni is not responsible for any damage caused by this software.

This program is free and you are free to use it or NOT!