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RFP - There Can Be Communications Without "Discussions"
“Discussions” in a negotiated procurement between the government and an offeror are the exception, not the norm, as those of you who have submitted a response to a Request for Proposals know. Too often the government awards a contract
53108 - Federal RFP Consultant
We are an industry leader in a software program that a major department of the federal government can use to collect and aggregate data. The deadline for this RFP is mid November, but because of the size of this proposal we need
Federal Procurement Essentials: Sealed Bids
Sealed bidding different contract types: Uniform Contract Format, and Simplified Contract Format. Read the best sealed-bidding related book. More information about Sealed Bidding, as Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 14
DISA awards contract to Sun Federal
Last week the Defense Information Systems Agency award a multi-year contract to Sun Federal for "Utility Computing." As the technical lead on the proposal I am very familiar with the requirements of the RFP and Sun's solution.
Welcom to the internet Sun Microsystems Federal!
Today I'd like to welcome Sun Federal to the internet! Sun Microsystems Federal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Microsystems targetting the special and experence to help respond to government RFP and GSA schedule requirements.
Chapter 5. A AG's Soliloquy
3.1 This is a double incompetence because the Federal Government had all the information it needed to see how wildly misleading their RFP was. You can't even say Royal Lepage "hoodwinked" the Government because nothing was hidden from
GAO Reluctant to Question an Agency's Discretion
A GAO decision released today, but dated November 15, 2006, reported that Advanced Federal Services Corp. protested the award of a contract to Eastek, Inc. under request for proposals (RFP) No. W9128Z-06-R-0001, issued by the Department
RfP Wednesdays: Washington by Meg Greenfield
RfP Wednesdays: Washington by Meg Greenfield. posted by Chaser a notable sympathy for the community that comprises life in the federal government among it's elected elite. Although I have almost experience with US federal politics,
Meeting People
At 3:20 he handed out a 50 page Federal RFP (Request for proposal) and said it would be a fun little “activity” for us to read through it and decide whether there was anything in the RFP that would make us think we would or would not
Protest of Agency's Flawed Evaluation of Awardee's Conditional
The GAO published a decision today in the Matter of SunEdison, LLC, B-298583; B-298583.2, dated October 30, 2006, involving SunEdison’s protest of an award to PowerLight Corporation under request for proposals (RFP) No.
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