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Ars Technica DJ Software Review Round-Up, But Where’s djDecks?
The mighty Ars Technica regularly takes on technically-intense reviews of processors and operating systems, but this time they’ve turned their attentions to something else altogether: DJ software. Dave Girard helms the review,
DJ Software Guide
There is so much DJ Software available on the market related to DJing and Music. The main aim of this article is to focus on software that allows you to DJ on your computer, as well as recommend some of the more popular music related
MegaSeg 4.0 DJ software updated
Fidelity Media has released MegaSeg 4.0, an update to its Pro DJ and radio automation software for the Mac. Version 4 is now a Universal Binary running natively on both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs, and includes over 100 additional
Music not included with DJ-1800
The professional DJ music control software offers a multitude of features that allows any professional DJ to entertain their customers very much like any full featured tradional DJ equipments, if not better.
CUE it up with Numark’s DJ software
Mix, scratch, juggle and sample with the newest DJ software to hit the streets your PC. Play audio and video files at the same time including: DVD, MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, VOB, WMV, DIVX, MPG, WAV, AVI, Karaoke (CDG) files and more.
DJ software for your tunes
SoundFlavor DJ: Smarter iTunes Playlists. 'You start by picking one song or playlist in the style you wish to hear, and then use a "Flavorizer" slider to control how closely you want the songs in the SoundFlavor playlist to resemble
Red Rock debuts iScatch DJ software:
Red Rock Software today announced iScratch, an application that allows anyone to create virtual digital scratches: "Scratching is the DJ, or turntablist, technique of creating a variety of sounds by moving a vinyl record back and forth
agiprodj.com PODCAST #1 - DJ Software & External MIDI Controllers
Today we cover most if not all of the contenders in the DJ software market. We … all » also add in some looks at some of the hottest MIDI controllers available as well. We had a great time shooting this and hope you enjoyit just as much
Pikix v2 - DJ Software for the GP2X
Today, I've released the first demo of my VJ software Pikimix Pikimix is the fisrt VJ software to run on the handheld video game console GP2X .It's aimed to be used on a GP2X, but the archive also contains a windows version.
Numark CUE
Innovate on the fly with stability and reliability that you would expect from Numark, the world leader in DJ technology. Join the revolution! Cue Professional DJ Software. Do it all with CUE. Mix, scratch, juggle and sample with the new

mp3 DJ Mix software AtomixMP3
Mp3 mix dj software, AtomixMP3 provides instant bpm beat matching, live recording, dual soundcard output, master tempo, skins and plugins.
De startpagina dochter met alles over en voor dj's!
DJ Software
Sie sind hier: Home » Software » DJ Software. Suchwort Wer seiner Standard-Software traut, der sollte sich nicht wundern, wenn plötzlich ein Virus oder
Ab in den Mixer DJ-Software im Vergleich
Höchstwahrscheinlich haben Sie schon einmal eine Party geschmissen und sich Gedanken über die pende Beschallung gemacht. Das Anschließen des Computers an
MegaSeg Pro Mac DJ Music and Radio Automation Software
Mobile DJ music automation system for the Macintosh. Plays Quicktime and MP3 files.
Software per modificare la voce e software DJ mixer per fare
Software di Audio4fun: Programma Voice Changer, Music Morpher software DJ mixer per fare musica da DJ , DVD Player-Morpher, Digital Talking Parrot desktop
Tplayer [Miare le tue canzoni da bravo Dj]: download gratis
Musicplace consiglia questo software per tutte le piccole discoteche, o per le feste toriali o per coloro che vogliono fare i Dj ma che magari non hanno
DJ-1800 Professional DJ software for the Mac
DJ-1800 is an Apple Mac DJ application that emulates the Denon DN-1800F professional CD Player system used by many DJs and radio stations.
Download gratuito Tool per DJ : Download gratuiti : My Music Tools
Usa i strumenti pro-livello per mischiare audio e video per live DJ presentazioni, webcas o riproduzione senza attesa. MixMeister Pro DJ software ti
DJ software for Windows and Mac OS X : Page 1
I guess the problem was how to get them to implode after a month. Anyway, enough senile DJ talk, let's get testing some DJ software. dj+software: free download dj software , software mp3 dj , free download dj software , software mp3 dj , dj+software
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