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Milano-Orio al Serio - Glasgow-Prestwick: a partire da ?2,99. Pisa - Glasgow-Prestwick: a partire da ? 4,99 Roma Ciampino - Glasgow-Prestwick: a partire da
Logo Ryanair La compagnia area aerea irlandese è di nuovo molto attiva sul Ryanair è presente in molti aeroporti italiani con molti voli, tra cui,
Aeroporto di Genova
Milano, 18 Gennaio 2006 RYANAIR: 900.000 PRENOTAZIONI DA GENOVA VENDITA DI POSTI DA €2.99* PER FESTEGGIARE Ryanair, la compagnia aerea N°1 in Europa per
Saimicadove.it - Ryanair festeggia 5 milioni di passegeri
La Compagnia offre la possibilità ai toscani di visitare ben 22 bellissime destinazioni come Billund in Danimarca, Friedrichshafen sul Lago di Costanza,
Aeroporto di Forlì - "L. Ridolfi" - News
Ryanair, la compagnia aerea n°1 in Europa per tariffe basse, Alessia Viviani, Vice-Direttore Marketing e Vendite Ryanair in Italia, afferma entusiasta:
1 Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato P.za G. Verdi 6
compagnia aerea Ryanair volo Milano-Londra (vedi allegato) diffuso in Internet www.ryanair.com rilevato in data 08-8-2006 ore 14,12 nel quale appare lo
viaggi e turismo in bicicletta in europa
copenhagen: da BG, PI fino a Lubecca + treno (57euro 4h) con ryanair.com cornovaglia: in aereo da London Stansted a Newquay con ryanair.com
Turismospagnolo.it -- Pianificarei il viaggio "Arrivare in spagna
Barcellona (Girona), Ryanair (da Orio al Serio), Giornaliero. Bilbao, Alitalia, Giornaliero Santiago de Compostela, Ryanair (da Ciampino), 1,3,5,7
Al vincitore verrà recapitato via e-mail un voucher valido per un biglietto aereo per due persone da reinviare compilato via fax a Ryanair.
Sito ufficiale Aeroporto G. Verdi di Parma
Ryanair - Voli Stansted-Parma-Stansted. Giorni: Lunedì Mercoledì Venerdì Domenica. Tariffe e prenotazioni sul sito www.ryanair.com. Collegamenti
Ryanair Fare Structure
I frequently use Ryanair but find that fares, even on the same route, vary widely from day to day and that the difference is not just whether the actual flight is 01p or £4.99 but variations in the "Taxes and Charges".
"Expedia's Dead" Michael O'Leary
Back in November you will recall the announcement that needahotel and Ryanair had terminated their long standing hotel sales relationship under which needahotel powered Ryanair Hotels. I found this strange as even though Ryanair are
Company of the Week: Ryanair
Ryanair operates - at one count - on 362 routes to 22 countries. Ryanair has been characterised by rapid expansion, a result of the deregulation of the air industry in Europe in 1997. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the
Message to Ryanair pilots
Essentially, ryanair have offered a pay reduction "deal" that will reduce captains pay to even less than it already is and absolutely decimate pay for first officers (which is already the lowest in Europe). In pilot meetings, management
The Ryanair Conundrum
Ryanair’s database probably contains almost as many names as the database for the Inland Revenue. They virtually have no call centre and everybody deals very happily with them over the Internet. (I could also add lots of other companies
Ryanair launches 2007 multi-trip Travel Insurance
Ryanair, Europe's No. 1 low fares airline, has launched its new multi-trip travel insurance package for 2007. From just £39/â;¬54, passengers can avail of great value travel insurance for all their 2007 flights.
RyanAir introduce ‘Fat Tax’
Budget airline RyanAir today unveiled their new ‘pay as you weigh’ pricing policy that will mean extra charges for customers exceeding the airline’s recommended flying weight. Under their revised terms and conditions those passengers
Ryanair - too cheap to be safe?
A leaked memo of Sept-06 from Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s CEO, threatens the airline’s pilots with demotion the first time they make a dangerous landing approach and dismissal for a second offence. At the same time, all Ryanair staff are
Flying on BA, Easyjet and Ryanair with surfboards, snowboards
If you want to fly somewhere and take your sports equipment with you. Good luck. While flights are getting cheaper, the extra charges are being piled on us. Travelling the world is cheap, travelling the world with your surf or
Ryanair contemplates charging for oxygen
I am a big admirer of Ryanair but find their extra charges totally shocking. I had to fly to Dublin on Friday for a short meeting and booked a flight, I thought this would be simple as I have no luggage so they couldn’t charge me their
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