Pc XEDIT editor (download for free)

If you enjoyed using XEDIT on IBM's VM mainframe operating system, here's a freeware version for Windows. I wrote it for my own use, not pleased with the lack of REXX as a command language in all other editors for Windows. - - - Latest changes include a scrollbar on the right and support for Ascii, Unicode and UTF8.

You may download the .Net 3.5 version (XP, Vista or 7) of Xedit v or the .NET 4.5 version (win8, 10) Xedit v (mar 2015). Use it and distribute is as you like. In Windows Vista or higher you should grant write permission to the installation map if you want to add or modify the Rexx-commands in the installation map. Standard User Account Protection of Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 moves changed files to AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\XeditPc, and not everybody always remembers that, when looking for a command-file. Click Properties and then security, to modify access. Alternatively use the REXXPATH variable in the profile.

From Windows 8/10 on, installation is one or two steps more complicated than Win7: before actually installing, the “security scan” blocks you. Click on More Info and next on Run anyway. Sometimes you'll get a second block from SmartScreen, continue on that one too. Next you get the usual UAC screen, and clicking continue you enter the install process. See the screenshots in Xedit Setup in Windows 8 for the screens I had to go through to install Xedit.

My Xedit has the least possible internal commands. You may extend the editor by writing your own commands. I think that I provided for a 95% clone of Xedit, if you forget about the fullscreen-processing that Xedit allowed you. But as in most software, any ordinary user does 99% of the work with 25% of the possibilities in the software! Don't try to recreate CMS's Filelist: you'll miss all the fullscreen stuff. To show how little is needed internally, I wrote almost all linecommands for copy and move in Rexx. So if something is missing, just write it in Rexx. Or ask me to write it for you!
You may mail me your new commands (AMBusy at gmail.com; put 'Xedit' in the subject please), if you think they are useful for others.

View a list of commands in HelpXedit.
I wish you a pleasant use of this editor.

Why another editor?
As early as 1982 I've been using Xedit in the VM/CMS environment, a relief after having been condemned to use Edgar for some time previous. Working on a pc with Windows 3, I first bought SPF/PC (CTC, Command Technology Corporation) it being as close as possible to Ibm's SPF editor and Xedit. But with the arrival of Windows 95, and it's long filenames, there was a need to switch to SPF/SE, also from CTC. Rexx had gone, and they gave me a clumsy kind of C to write my own commands.
So I decided, having some spare time, to write my own Xedit for the pc, first in VB6, followed by a new release in Visual Studio in Basic. Guided by my large collection of Xedit-commands for the Cobol-programmer, my recollection of what Xedit had looked like, the University of Kentucky's computing Center's XEDIT Reference and IBM's XEDIT EXTRACT Help Information on the web for the appearance of Xedit; and Nicklaus Wirth's Algoritms + Data Structures = Programs for learning how to write an efficient interpreter for the ReXX language, that I use for user-written commands.
The program can be used to execute a Rexx-file as a batch file using the (profile option. But the program is designed for editing. And there's better software for batch available, for instance: Kilowatt Software, try them if you don't need the editor. They offer data entry screens for interaction with users. Practically in terms of IBM's VM/CMS I allow Rexx only for filetype XEDIT, not for filetype EXEC.

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