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SMS Amore
L'amore tramite gli Sms, SMS Amore, frasi d'amore da spedire tramite Sms.
sms gratis
Tantissime frasi pronte all'uso per inviare i tuoi sms!
Sms d'amore
Sms d'amore: archivio di sms amore. Sms d'amore. Ecco di seguito tantissimi sms d'amore da inviare alla persona che ami.
Sms y
Sms sexy per sedurre la persona amata. Sms sexy - sms piccanti - sms passionali - sexy sms - sms sensuali. Amando.it Una vita di Emozioni
Tiscali VAS - Sms
Il servizio permette agli utenti registrati di inviare fino a tre Sms gratuiti al giorno.
SMS Pronti
allora abbiamo deciso di creare una sezione dedicata agli SMS. SMS Erotici: Messaggi Erotici da copiare e inviare a chi vuoi tu!
Intrage - Sms gratis
Il servizio, previa registrazione, permette di inviare gratuitamente degli Sms agli altri utenti registrati al portale.
Messaggi SMS gratis: invia sms gratis dal web
SMS gratis: Invia i tuoi messaggi sms gratis direttamente dal web.
Google SMS
Offers United States local business listings, driving directions, movie showtimes, weather conditions, stock quotes and dictionary definitions on mobile
La fase sperimentale del progetto "SMS Consumatori", iniziata lo scorso febbraio, foglia SMS Consumatori, il progetto del Ministero delle Politiche
Buena Vista, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Yell, sign-up to fund free MVNO, Blyk
Link:. UK kids to get free calls and texts in return for ads | The Register. A mobile phone start-up will offer UK teenagers free phone calls and texts in return for listening to adverts from this summer.
email-to-SMS SPAM! SPAM being sent via email that arrives as an SMS
The issue here is that you can't send a STOP message to a service you're not subscribed to; and, furthermore, you can't send a STOP message to an email sender via SMS. And god forbid you do succeed in sending one!
GigaOM » 5 Ways to SMS for free
Even web-based services are starting to recognize that, and recently there have been more and more companies launching “free” SMS options — most often free for those users who want to send a text to a cell phone via the web and email.
GoIP Global launches GoIP SMS Platform
GoIP Global, Inc., an Interactive Mobile Media Company, announced today they have launched a marketing effort for their new GoIP SMS Platform. The service is now being Beta tested for several Fortune 500 companies.
Breathe Preps SMS Service For Subscribers
UK ISP Breathe has teamed up with Tanla Mobile, a specialist in SMS, MMS, WAP and 3G products, to power an Internet SMS service for subscribers: Using
SMS service for forgetful patients launched
Senior Modeling Specialist SMS
Closing Date: 15 Apr 2007 Location: Bangladesh (Dhaka) Source: United Nations Office for Project Services
Email to SMS Quickly and Cheaply?
What is the best / cheapest / most reliable Email to SMS service? I want to find out when certain people email me (friends, family, work colleagues), ignoring the spam or the newletters. I'm in the UK if it makes much difference.
Question regarding SMS/Computer/Program
I would then like to be able to open up a program on my computer for SMS messages. That program would sync sent/received messages from the device. The text would appear on the computer as it is received on the device (real time).
SMS on orkut
With orkut's new SMS feature, you can scrap your friends, look up their contact information and receive scrap notifications. Now you can send scraps from the bus, bar or bathroom, and your friends can get notified of those scraps when
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