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Casella e-mail gratuita da 300 MB con Antivirus, Antispam e allegati fino a 2 GB! e in se sei cliente Ascolto in vocale delle nuove e-mail tramite 49001
Excite mail
Offre una casella email con dominio @excite.it.
Email.it: the professional email
Il primo in Italia e il piu' serio portale Internet europeo, interamente dedicato ai servizi di posta elettronica.
Apple - Mac OS X - Mail
Apple's mail client provided with every OS installation.
Apple - Mac OS X - Mail
Utilizzate le Caselle Smart predefinite incluse in Mail (con categorie come Mail di Mac OS X Tiger invia e riceve foto con la stessa facilità con cui
E-mail - Wikipedia
La E-Mail (abbreviazione di Electronic Mail, in italiano: posta elettronica) è I gestori di posta certificata hanno l'obbligo di non accettare le mail
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Free web-based e-mail. 2MB e-mail storage, signatures, stationery, HTML compatible.
PHP: Mail Functions - Manual
For the Mail functions to be available, PHP must have access to the To make the function compatible to older/standard mail-programs simply add a second
@MAIL.RU: почта, новости, работа, рассылки, развлечения. Почта
Национальная почтовая служба @Mail.ru - лучшая бесплатная почта. Доступ к почте через POP/SMTP, веб- и wap-интерфейс. Также на портале: авто, новости,
Tiscali Assistenza - Tiscali Mail e Tiscali Plus
Tiscali Mail ti consente di controllare la tua email e gestire le tue caselle Tiscali ovunque ti trovi. Puoi anche configurare le tue caselle email presso
The End of NonProfit World's Direct Mail Marketing Appeal?
And while efforts to implement stronger "do-not-mail" laws in several states have recently been shot down, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. If this new legislation passes, the implications for nonprofit (and business) marketers who rely
UNO 1.5: Mail.app’s good looks for every app
It’s almost eighteen months since I first posted about the noticeable “Rise and Rise of the Mail-like Look” in many apps. Yojimbo, SOHO Smart Notes, ecto and many more have since followed suit, so that Fraser Spiers’ “Exposé confusion”
CNET: Start-up Zimbra takes Web e-mail offline
Zimbra Desktop will be demoed this week at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. Read more about Zimbra Desktop on CNET News:. http://news.com.com/Start-up+Zimbra+takes+Web+e-mail+offline/2100-1012_3-6170118.html
Mail Server Maintenance Mon Mar 26 6PM EST
We'll be performing maintenance on one of the mail servers Monday, March 26 starting at 6PM EST. The window may last up to an hour during which time email services will be suspended. Incoming email will be received and queued on the our
Re: Support Boards down?
Justin, I am willing to let you have a database on my server. I doubt there will be an issue of limits as my bandwidth allows for 2TB/month. Just give me the word., Michael Sagaser. Dada Mail (Justin Simoni) wrote:
You have new Picture Mail!
AppleTV hates the Hak5 wifi. :(. image.jpg. image.jpg
TTABlog E-mail Subscription Now Available
Please note that the TTABlog is now available by e-mail subscription. Just enter your e-mail address in the box on the right to receive a daily update.
I Had An E-mail Last Week from Narrative Magazine,
This has got me scratching my head, and I’ve sent e-mails and made comments on Writer Beware (in my blogroll) and on other sites about this kind of thing. An agent who charges a “reading fee” for manuscripts is, in the literary
Reader Mail: 03/26/07
new voice mail service
I would love you to take an active part in the show, so I have bought a voice mail service, which enables you to call a Newcastle/County Durham number (UK), where you can leave a message about your UK knitting, crochet, weaving,
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