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One of my favourite story.

Once Nanak (the indian mystic) along with his two disciples arrived in the holy city of Mecca. Nanak and his disciples made a camp outside the city and rested before entering the city. As usual Nanak started to sing the songs of existence, this is how he used to give his discourses. The wise men of the city came to know about him and came to see him.

One of these wise men placed a glass full of milk in front of Nanak. The glass was full to the brim and nothing more could be added in the glass.

Nanak placed a small flower in the glass and the flower floated on the milk.

The wise man had said and asked to Nanak that the city is full of wise men and masters.... how can another master come in the city. By placing a flower and showing how it floats even when the glass is full, he made his entry in the city.

This story always gives me an insight in to things that there is always something for me.... no matter if it seems difficult. Just that i have to change my perspective a little and find some way... :)